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"Recognized as one of the only coaching programs that looks at business from a wholesome approach designed to impact all areas of your life!"




Part 1: Awakening


- Creating a life Plan

- Finding your life Purpose

- Finding your Passion

- Envisioning a Project / Business

- Impacting the World

- Mentoring




Part 2: Business Execution


- Business Strategy 

- Marketing Strategy

- Technology Innovation

- Product Design

- Revenue Model 

- Investment 


Start Creating 


Life Coach


Andy Najjar is a social entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach whose focus is impacting the lives of leaders by helping them "awaken" and realize their true life purpose.


His very unique coaching program takes a holistic approach, which addresses life and business as a whole. Andy helps his clients find meaning and purpose, often leading to either a business or a project concept designed to impact the world.

Andy attributes his success to his mentors and the prominent individuals of great success, who have built business reaching $1B+ in value, who took the time to guide him personally as he developed over the years.


He has founded several business’, ProVilla - Vacation Rental  Management App Livngo - an experiential travel App, Rise- a non-profit movement to cure poverty, Ricei- a technology and an e-commerce organization to name a few. Andy now influences his many clients’ organizations with his years of expertise in sales and business development. He is an entrepreneur who believes that success in business requires balance in all areas of life.


Andy is an adventurer and advanced meditator who has spent his life exploring and understanding life’s intricacies, possibilities and depths. This quest has lead him to successfully blend his passion for life and business into his coaching practice where he walks alongside his clients as they discover their fullest potential.

Startup Coach


Startup Coach
Life Coach
Life Coach
"Andy is not your typical run of the mill coach! He is connected,kind, clear, and he understands that it's not about him but truly about his clients! On top of that he's brilliant!"  Nada Lena Nasserdeen; Founder -Rise Up For you


"Turning a passion into a business is my ultimate dream. It doesn't come easy. I felt so blessed to have been able to work with such a great panel of mentors that helped me reach my goals and make my dream into a reality. Andy has helped me put all the necessary steps in place to help with the growing process. This consisted of career and business growth"   Sahar Radwan 



"Working with Andy I was able to get a clear sense of the steps I need to take that not only made an impact in my life but in the lives of others that I serve." Clyde Cooper 






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